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An Online Program for Self-Discovery

Get Unstuck, Find Your Center, Create a Life You Love


Are you feeling emotionally tapped out, stuck, or staring down the barrel of self-judgment, fear, perfectionism, or an inability to move forward in your life? Or maybe you’ve got a gal pal in that hot seat?

Have no fear, love, because I got you! I’ve been working closely with an online learning expert to bring my personal development program, Tools To Thrive By, into the online learning space.

And I’m looking for a few badass women to give it a spin, provide some feedback, and transform their lives in the process. In other words, I need beta testers!

Do you have a gal pal who might be struggling with perfection, self-doubt, self-criticism, or who has lost touch with her center? Someone who could use a roadmap back to her truth?

Or are you looking for a way out of the muck? Are you sick of feeling stuck, confused, or tapped out?

Well then, my love, Tools To Thrive By might just be for you.

The Tools to Thrive By Online Program is a four-month deep dive that will take you back to the core of who you are.

What’s This Program All About?

Are you ready to live in alignment with your truth? Stop fighting with reality and start creating a life aligned with your truth? Bring an end to self-doubt, self-criticism, confusion, and feeling tapped out? Do you need some new tools? Do you want to find the way back to your center?

Over four months and seven Toolkits, you will:

  • Set powerful intentions that you will manifest into your completely rehabbed life
  • Learn to recognize the old patterns that keep you stuck
  • Create new habits to support self-discovery and self-empowerment
  • Escape the perfection trap to love and accept yourself exactly as you are (even if you want to change everything about your life)
  • Shift out of fear-based survival mode to love-based thrive mode
  • Develop and practice increased self-awareness and emotional resilience
  • Learn to live with a big ol’ open heart
  • Reprogram the tired old stories that keep you playing small


You will see a huge change in your lived experience.


Your relationships, your work, and your creativity will flourish. Opportunities for love, for connection, for compassion, and for your evolution will appear like magic in your life.

You’ll feel more peace, confidence, and gratitude – in short, more mojo, more flow, more badassery.

The women who have gone through my velvet glove coaching and healing program (who use the Tools To Thrive By online curriculum in addition to private energy healing and coaching sessions with me) have manifested pretty incredible things in their lives.

Things like:

  • A Museum exhibition (with more to come)
  • Dream house with dream business potential included (and alpacas!)
  • A new healthy, love relationship
  • Career advancement including a bump in pay, yay!
  • More restful and fulfilling lives, in alignment with their values

Your results will depend on what you put in, how deep you are willing to go, and how much you are willing to let go of the past and declare your intentions to create your future.

“Tools To Thrive By helped me to find my center, and clear the way towards deeper self-love and connection during a destabilizing time in my life. 

My goal was to break through some blocks around intimacy, and towards the end of the program I entered into the healthiest romantic relationship of my life. I spent the next year expanding my understanding of safe and loving intimacy in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I know the work done in the program… helped me get there. That is a true gift.”

Nicole S.

Is This Program For You?

This program is exquisitely suited for successful, driven, self-aware women who struggle with self-doubt, self-criticism, perfectionism, confusion, or a sense that something has gone missing from their lives.


Are You My Beta Tester?

And what is beta testing anyway? (I’m glad you asked!)

The Tools To Thrive By Program has just been launched as a stand-alone program, and I’m looking for a few women to test it out before the public launch.

Specifically, I’d like you to go through the program and provide feedback on flow and clarity. I know the curriculum is solid because I’ve seen the dramatic changes in people’s lives that result. I need to know how it functions as an online program. I’m also looking for testimonials and referrals (when congruent with you).

What Do I Get In Return?

In October, the Tools To Thrive By online program will be offered for $997. In 2020, the price will go up again.

As a Beta Tester, you’ll get access to the program at half off for $497.

Once you complete the 4-month online program and have given me your feedback, you’ll qualify for one free 60-75 minute energy healing/coaching session with me (valued up to $185).

You’ll also receive four months of free entry to Inner Sanctuary, my 90-minute, monthly online retreat. ($25 x 4 months = $100 value)

Got it? Complete the online program, receive a transformative healing and coaching session, and attend Inner Sanctuary for four months, all for $497.


The Investment That Will Change Your Life:

Pay In Full = $497
Payment Plan = 3 monthly installments of $185/month. ($555 total)


What If I Have Questions?

This program is not right for everyone or every life situation. If you’re not sure if the time is right, shoot me an email or schedule a free 20-minute Discovery call with me.

I’m limiting this offer to just 10 people who are serious about making a change in their life. If you or someone you know would like to be an early adopter and experience transformation at a steal of a deal, please get in touch with me today.

Beta enrollment opens soon.

Are you ready to jump in? 

You will have immediate access to the Tools To Thrive By online program. Hit the button below, choose your payment option, and get them sleeves rolled up. It’s go time.

Soft enrollment is open now! Be among the ten folks to receive the juicy Beta perks from me.

Still not sure?

Schedule a quick Discovery call with me to see if this is a fit for you. It’s free and there is no obligation.