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Welcome To The Tools to Thrive By Course!

Over the course of the next four months, you are going to deep dive into yourself, find your center, and welcome many hidden or forgotten parts of yourself back to the whole.

You are going to experience a deeper sense of personal knowing, increased confidence in all areas of your life, and an increased feeling of peace in your inner world. Through this process, you are going to mindfully co-create the life you want and deserve.

It’s going to be so awesome! And I’m really excited to have a front row seat. I’ll be cheering you on!

Always remember that I am on this journey with you. If you ever feel stuck, overwhelmed, or just want to share what is coming up for you, that’s what I’m here for!

What to Expect:

You’ll start with Setting Powerful Intentions, and getting really clear on what you want to get out of this program, and what you want to experience in your life. Following that process, there are six Toolkits in total. Each Toolkit includes an introduction which outlines the content for the Toolkit, the methods you’ll use to progress through the material, and a time estimate to complete it. Each Toolkit is different, and will require different amounts of time. (These time estimates are general guidelines only. If you find yourself in juicy territory, stay there and mine all the gold you can.)

You will want to keep a journal throughout the program. A LOT is going to come up for you; that’s why you are here, after all! At the end of each Toolkit, you will have the opportunity to distill your work with the Recap questions.

It’s best if you do your deep work in a journal, and then send the highlights to your coach via the online form at the end of each Toolkit. It’s recommended to type the answers to your Recap questions in a separate text editor (like MS Word, etc) and then copy and paste into the online form all at once so you don’t lose any entries in the unfortunate case of technical difficulties.

Reach out, reach out, reach out! There are areas to leave comments all over the course site, or always feel free to email me directly at any time.

Ready to do this thing? Roll up them sleeves, and start by setting some great intentions. Sky’s the limit! You’ve got this!

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